Investing in Americium

Americium is a synthetic radioactive metal in the actinitde series. It is used in small amouts in smoke detectors where it is a source of ionizing radiation. It is also used as a portable gamma ray source in radiography, and can be uesd to gauge the thickness of glass when flat gas is needed. It is produced by bombarding plutonium with neutrons. The homologue of americium is europium.

Americium - (wiki) - Americium on Wikipedia

Americium News
2013-03-03 - (lb) - Petition for americium emergency stockpile
2012-09-18 - (fo) - That radioactive americium lost in Texas: little danger, huge cost
2011-07-18 - (exa) - Los Alamos nuclear air: Plutonium-239, Americium-241, Cesium-137

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