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Beryllium is mainly used as hardening agent in alloys such as beryllium copper. It has the highest melting point of the light metals and a modulus of elasticity 30% greater than steel. The speed of sound in beryllium is greater than in any other element (12,500 m/s). Aside from its many metal alloy uses, it exists in precious form, as aquamarine and emerald. Beryllium tools are used to tune klystrons in high power microwave devices. Many liquid-fueled rockets use pure beryllium nozzles. Beryllium is gray in color and one of the lightest metals. Its other physical and mechanical properties—outstanding stiffness-to-weight and strength-to-weight ratios, one of the highest melting points of all light metals, high specific heat, excellent thermal conductivity, outstanding dimensional stability over a wide range of temperatures, reflectivity, the lowest neutron absorption cross section of any metal and a high neutron-scattering cross section, and transparency to x-rays make it useful for many applications. Beryllium is used primarily as beryllium-copper alloys, beryllium oxide ceramics, and beryllium metal in a wide variety of products in aerospace, automotive (ignition components), computer (computer chip heat sinks), defense, electronics (highly conductive and strong wire), heavy machinery, home appliance (microwave guides), industrial component (bearings and bushings), instrumentation and control system, medical, nuclear, oil and gas drilling, plastic molding, telecommunications, undersea and marine, and other applications.

Domestic Production and Use: One company in Utah mined bertrandite ore, which it converted, along with imported beryl and beryl from the National Defense Stockpile, into beryllium hydroxide. Some of the beryllium hydroxide was shipped to the company’s plant in Ohio, where it was converted into beryllium-copper master alloy, metal, and/or oxide—some of which was sold. Estimated beryllium consumption of 320 tons was valued at about $160 million, based on the estimated unit value for beryllium in imported beryllium-copper master alloy. Based on sales revenues, more than one-half of beryllium use was estimated to be in computer and telecommunications products, and the remainder was used in aerospace and defense applications, appliances, automotive electronics, industrial components, medical devices, and other applications.

Recycling: Beryllium was recycled mostly from new scrap generated during the manufacture of beryllium products. Detailed data on the quantities of beryllium recycled are not available but may represent as much as 10% of apparent consumption.

Import Sources (2006–09):1 Kazakhstan, 57%; Kenya, 10%; Germany, 9%; Ireland, 8%; and other, 16%.

Government Stockpile: The Defense Logistics Agency, U.S. Department of Defense, had a goal of retaining 45 tons of hot-pressed beryllium powder in the National Defense Stockpile. Disposal limits for beryllium materials in the fiscal year 2010 Annual Materials Plan are as follows: beryl ore, 1 ton, and beryllium metal, 54 tons of contained beryllium. The 2011 Annual Materials Plan’s publishing date was delayed by the Defense Logistics Agency.

Events, Trends, and Issues: Market conditions improved considerably for beryllium-based products in 2010. During the first half of 2010, the leading U.S. beryllium producer reported volume shipments of strip and bulk beryllium-copper alloy products to be 100% and 62% higher, respectively, than those during the first half of 2009. Sales of beryllium products for key markets, including aerospace, automotive electronics, ceramics, computer and telecommunications, medical and industrial x-ray equipment, and oil and gas, were substantially higher than those during the first half of 2009. Sales of beryllium products for defense-related applications were slightly higher in the first half of 2010 compared with those of the first half of 2009. The strong sales growth in 2010 was also due in part to higher beryllium prices and replenishment of supply chain inventories that were drawn down in 2009.

In an effort to ensure current and future availability of high-quality domestic beryllium to meet critical defense and commercial needs, the U.S. Department of Defense in 2005, under the Defense Production Act, Title III, invested in a public-private partnership with the leading U.S. beryllium producer to build a new $90.4 million primary beryllium facility in Ohio. Construction of the facility was completed in 2010. Approximately two-thirds of the facility’s output was to be allocated for defense and government-related end uses; the remaining output going to the private sector. Plant capacity was reported at 160,000 pounds per year of high-purity beryllium metal to meet Defense requirements. Primary beryllium facilities, the last of which closed in the United States in 2000, traditionally produced the feedstock used to make beryllium metal products.

Because of the toxic nature of beryllium, various international, national, and State guidelines and regulations have been established regarding beryllium in air, water, and other media. Industry is required to carefully control the quantity of beryllium dust, fumes, and mists in the workplace, which adds to the final cost of beryllium products.

World Resources: World resources in known deposits of beryllium have been estimated to be more than 80,000 tons. About 65% of these resources is in nonpegmatite deposits in the United States—the Gold Hill and Spor Mountain areas in Utah and the Seward Peninsula area in Alaska account for most of the total.

Substitutes: Because the cost of beryllium is high compared with that of other materials, it is used in applications in which its properties are crucial. In some applications, certain metal matrix or organic composites, high-strength grades of aluminum, pyrolytic graphite, silicon carbide, steel, or titanium may be substituted for beryllium metal or beryllium composites. Copper alloys containing nickel and silicon, tin, titanium, or other alloying elements or phosphor bronze alloys (copper-tin-phosphorus) may be substituted for beryllium-copper alloys, but these substitutions can result in substantially reduced performance. Aluminum nitride or boron nitride may be substituted for beryllium oxide in some applications.

Beryllium Producers
American Beryllia Inc. - beryllium oxide ceramic products
American Elements - - Beryllium metal, beryllium oxide, beryllium acetate, beryllium nitrate, and beryllium sulfate. They also make an alloy of beryllium and copper.
Applied Materials Science, Inc - Producer of beryllium alloy products in Concord, MA
BE Resources (CVE: BER) - Warm Springs project in New Mexico
Brush Wellman - Produces beryllium, beryllium oxide, beryllia ceramics, and beryllium alloys.
IBC Advanced Alloys (CVE: IB)
Jourdan Resources (CVE: JOR)
JSC Ulba Metallurgical Plant (UMP) - Part of Kazakhstan's National Atomic Company Kazatomprom
Materion (NYSE: MTRN) - Formerly Brush Engineered Material (NYSE: BW)
NGK Metals - beryllium copper alloys
Olin Corp (NYSE: OLN) - Their brass division produces beryllium alloys
Ucore Uranium (CVE: UCU)
Yingtan Ulba Shine Metal Materials Company - Joint venture between UMP and Ningbo Shengtai Electronic Metal Material Co.

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Beryllium News
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