Investing in Chlorine

Chlorine is a pale green halogen gas. When bonded with sodium, it forms common table salt which is necessary for human life. It is also a powerful oxidant and used in bleaching, disinfectants, and swimming pool cleaning. Chlorine is used to extract bromine from natural brine.

Dow Chemical Company (NYSE: DOW) - - The world's largest supplier of chlorinated organic products and services. This includes chlorinated solvents and chlorinated intermediates.
Shandong Haihua Company (SHE: 000822)
Jin Hua Group Chlor-Alkali (SHE: 000818)
Shanghai Chlor-Alkali Chemical (SHA: 900908)
Georgia Gulf Corporation (NYSE: GGC)
Westlake Chemical Corporation (NYSE: WLK)

Chlorine News
2010-02-01 - (prr) - STB rules UP must provide new rates to chlorine shipper; Class I disputes decision

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