Investing in Hydrogen

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe.

Air Liquide - - The French gas behemoth. They trade in Europe, but you can access them through ETF's such as the iShares France (EWQ), which has 2% of their holdings in AI.

Air Products (NYSE: APD) - - International gas and chemical corporation. One of the largest producers of hydrogen, the Air Products also provides the liquid hydrogen and oxygen fuel for the Space Shuttle.

Hydrogen News
2011-06-17 - (ctp) - Praxair hydrogen plants to cut sulfur in Valero refining process
2011-06-14 - (nw) - Baking powder for environmentally friendly hydrogen storage
2011-06-13 - (eur) - Under pressure, sodium, hydrogen could undergo a metamorphosis, emerging as superconductor
2011-06-10 - (ars) - Clean, cheap hydrogen production from water using cobalt catalyst
2011-06-06 - (ap) - Air Products to supply additional hydrogen for two gulf coast Valero refineries
2010-10-26 - (sp) - Generating hydrogen from seawater to power boats

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