Investing in Technetium

Technetium is an extremely rare transition metal. It is the lightest radioactive element and is in Group 7 between manganese and rhenium. The metastable nuclear isomer technetium-99m is commonly used in nuclear medicine. It is produced by the decay of molybdenum-99. Most technetium is produced as a fission product of uranium and plutonium.

MDS Nordion (NYSE: MDZ) - - The medical isotope producer supplies technetium-99m, as well as bromine-76, cobalt-57, copper-64, gallium-67, indium-111, iodine-123, iodine-125, iodine-131, molybdenum-99, palladium-103, rhenium-186, strontium-82, rubidium-82, thallium-201, xenon-133, and yttrium-90

Covidien (NYSE: COV) - - Covidien offers a wide range of nuclear medicine products including technetium-99m, gallium-67, phosphorus-32, indium-111, chromium-51, thallium-201, xenon-133, iodine-123, and iodine-131

National Research Universal reactor - - Located in Chalk River, Ontario, Canada, the NRU reactor produces over half of the world's total supply of technetium-99m.

Nuclear Research & consultancy Group (NRG) - - The high flux reactor in Petten, the Netherlands produces technetium-99m, molybdenum-99, iodine-131, xenon-133, strontium-89, iridium-192, samarium-153, rhenium-186, iodine-125, yttrium-90, erbium-169, lutetium-177, and holmium-166

Technetium News
2010-11-19 - (gn) - Nuclear dispute has a human price
2010-04-21 - (hi) - Volcanic ash disrupts Mo-99 supply
2010-03-26 - (pr) - MedSolutions issues advisory on technetium shortage
2010-03-18 - (reuters) - Group warns of severe shortage of medical isotopes
2010-01-20 - (di) - Technetium supply to tighten further
2008-10-01 - (wnn) - Isotope supply further tightened by transport restrictions

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