Investing in Ytterbium

Ytterbium is a rare earth metal, or lanthanide. The ytterbium-169 isotope is used as a gamma ray source for radiography. It can also be used as a dopant in stainless steel production to increase strength and grain refinement, and as a doping material in high power and wavelength-tunable solid state lasers

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Ytterbium News
2011-05-30 - (kid) - Ytterbium: Time is right for this rare earth
2010-11-09 - (cw) - English university acquires laser for cutting carbon fiber composites
2007-11-15 - (aip) - Effect of Yb concentration on the resistivity and lifetime of CdTe:Ge:Yb codoped crystals
2007-05-14 - (aip) - Switching of emissivity and photoconductivity in highly doped Yb3+:Y2O3 and Lu2O3 ceramics
2007-02-28 - (aip) - Comment on "Efficient diode-pumped Yb:Gd2SiO5 laser"
2006 - (oib) - Measuring photodarkening from single-mode ytterbium doped silica fibers
2004 - (iop) - Broadband radiation source based on an ytterbium-doped fibre with fibre-length-distributed pumping

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