Investing in Caesium

Caesium, or cesium, is an alkali metal and one of the five metals that are liquid near room temperature. The others are mercury, francium, gallium, rubidium, and bromine. Caesium is used in the oil industry as a drilling fluid, and it is also used in atomic clocks. Caesium is extremely pyrophoric, and the most electropositive of all the stable elements. It is found in pegmatite ores in the mineral pollucite.

Cabot Corporation (NYSE: CBT) - - Their Tanco Mine in Bernic Lake, Manitoba, Canada has the world's largest deposit of pollucite and is the largest producer of caesium. The company produces cesium carbonate, cesium fluoride, cesium hydroxide, cesium sulfate, cesium chloride, cesium formate, and cesium nitrate.

Consolidated Abaddon Resouces (CVE: ABN)

American Elements - - Cesium acetate, cesium azide, cesium bromide, cesium carbide, cesium carbonate, cesium chloride, cesium dichromate, cesium fluoride, cesium fluoroaluminate, cesium hydrogencarbonate, cesium hydroxide monohydrate, cesium iodide, cesium metavanadate, cesium methanesulfonate, cesium nitrate, cesium orthovanadate, cesium oxalate, cesium oixde, cesium perchlorate, cesium permanganate, cesium phosphide, ceisum propionate, cesium selenide, and cesium sulfate, cesium telluride, cesium tetrachloroaluminate, cesium tetraphenylborate, cesium titanate, cesium tribromide, and cesium triiodide.

IsoRay (AMEX: ISR) - Cesium-131 brachytherapy treatment

Caesium News
2010-10-27 - (ts) - Successful IsoRay study of cesium-131 internal radiation therapy paves the way for advanced treatment
2010-10-07 - (pi) - IsoRay announces first implantation of its cancer treatment cesium-131
2010-03-11 - (mp) - Consolidated Abaddon confirms lithium, tantalum and cesium
2010-03-10 - (at) - Pushing the speed limits of quantum memory
2010-03-03 - (pw) - Hydrocarbon superconductor is a first
2010-01-28 - (tce) - 'Venus fly trap' eats radioactive caesium

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