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Erbium is a lanthanoid rare earth element often used as a dopant in fiber optic laser amplifiers for optical communications. Erbium:YAG lasers have been considered for use in phacoemulsification, vitrectomy and trabecular ablation procedures in laser eye surgery Erbium was named after the town of Ytterby, Sweden, which also gave rise to the names of terbium, ytterbium, and yttrium.

Erbium Companies
Avalon Rare Metals (TSE: AVL) - - Their Nechalacho project in Thor Lake, Canada has shown substantial rare earth deposits.
Metall Rare Earth Limited -
Great Western Minerals Group (CVE: GWG) - - Their Benjamin River Project contains erbium in addition to other rare earth elements.
American Elements - - Erbium metal, erbium oxide, erbium fluoride, erbium acetate, erbium carbonate, erbium chloride, erbium nitrate, erbium oxalate, and erbium sulfate.
Chengdu Henry Advanced Materials - Erbium oxide, erbium chloride, erbium ingots, erbium powder, erbium nitrate, erbium carbonate, erbium acetate and erbium fluoride.
Stanford Materials - - Erbium metal, erbium carbonate, erbium nitrate, erbium oxide, erbium chloride, erbium oxalate, erbium acetate, and erbium fluoride.
Well Bond Holdings - - erbium acetate, erbium carbonate, erbium chloride, erbium fluoride, erbium hydroxide, erbium iodide, erbium metal, erbium nitrate, erbium oxalate, erbium oxide, and erbium sulfate.
AMD Lasers

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Erbium News
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2010-10-18 - (st) - Advancing infrared emission from nitride LEDs
2010-10-18 - (c3) - 4Cable TV powers solar EDFA
2010-03-25 - (pr) - American Elements expands erbium oxide production to meet demand from glass and optics manufacturers.

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