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Iridium is transition metal in the platinum family which naturally occurs in alloys with platinum and osmium. It is the most corrosion resistant element and competes with osmium for the title of most dense element. Iridium is used in the production of crucibles used to grow crystals to manufacture light-emitting diodes. Total demand for iridium was 334,000 ounces in 2010, up from 81,000 ounces in 2009. The price of iridium increased from $425 per ounce at the end of 2008 to $780 per ounce at the end of 2010. In May 2011, the iridium price reached $1050 per ounce.

Iridium price chart:

Source: Johnson Matthey

Platinum group metals: ruthenium | rhodium | palladium | osmium | iridium | platinum

(wiki) - Iridium on Wikipedia

Iridium Companies
Norilsk Nickel (OTC: NILSY) - - produces iridium ingots and iridium powder.
Anglo American (LON:AAL, PINK:AAUKY) - Their Anglo Platinum subsidiary produces iridium
Ruiyuan Group Limited - - hexachloroiridium acid hydrate, iridium chloride hydrate, iridium tetrachloride, iridium dioxide, iridium iodide, sodium hexachloroiridate hexahydrate, ammonium hexachloroiridate, and dipotassium hexachloroiridate
American Elements -

Johnson Matthey - - Iridium crystal growing, fabrications, filaments and spark plugs

Zafirro - iridium razor

Iridium News
2011-06-23 - (tim) - Cutting edge: $100,000 iridium razor goes on sale
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2011-06-06 - (pt) - Bosch to introduce new iridium plug
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2011-05-17 - (co) - Expanding LED market to drive iridium to fresh highs
2011-05-16 - (ft) - Iridium soars on high-tech gadget demand
2010-11-19 - (pl) - Ruthenium prices climb, iridium steady on Asian demand
2010-11-16 - (fp) - Iridium demand set to build on 2010's leap
2010-11-10 - (nzh) - How to add some sparkle to your portfolio
2010-10-20 - (pt) - Platinium-iridium springs feature in new IPG technology
2008-09-15 - (pr) - American Elemnts to produce first pure iridium wedding ring and wedding bands

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